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The Twilight Caravan:
Author: Antone Roundy
Written: 1986
Introduction: A group of strangers meet on the road.
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Author's notes: The author's notes for this story contain spoilers, so you may want to read the story before continuing.

"This story along with 'In the Petri Dish' and 'Another Rainy Day' were written for an honor's program writing class I took at Utah State University.

"Sometimes it's amazing how I can write something and not entirely grasp what it means till someone points it out to me. When I wrote this one, I didn't quite realize that it was about the 'Final Judgement' until my professor mentioned it. One of the things that will determine where we go in the next life is the kind of people we've become in this life and the kind of people we enjoy and are comfortable being around. The Kingdom of God will be a society of people who are comfortable living by God's laws. Those who prefer a different law will join a society run by the rules they prefer. I imagine that each will be a 'perfect society' for those who go there--which is not to say that it doesn't matter where you go because you'll be happy with whatever you get, but that we need to develop the personal characteristics that will prepare us to be members of a society where perfect order, unity and love make for the greatest good of all."

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