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Author: Antone Roundy
Written: 1984
Introduction: A night's dream.
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Author's notes: "I wrote this story in high school for a dramatic interp in a forensics class. I had the assignment of presenting a dramatic interp for the class, and since I could not find anything by another author that I liked, I decided to write my own. I attempted to write for about a week without getting any good ideas. Then I found a poem I had written earlier (now the introduction to 'TIMECLOCK:') and thought that I might develop something from it. For the next two days, I pushed myself to write. Then I went to class with 'TIMECLOCK:', thinking that it wasn't very good, but was all that I had. When I was done reading it, the feeling that hung in the room convinced me otherwise.

Re-reading it now, I see plenty of room for improvement, but it is still one of the best examples of my writing from those days."

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