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In the Petri Dish:
Author: Antone Roundy
Written: 1986
First published: In Print 1987, the journal of the honors program at Utah State University
Introduction: Science and religion go head-to-head in a bacteria colony.
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Author's notes: "This story along with 'Another Rainy Day' and 'The Twilight Caravan' were written for an honor's program writing class I took at Utah State University. With the end of the quarter coming up, I was struggling to come up with another idea for something to write about. The original idea for this story came while I was eating lunch at the Carousel restaurant in the student center. I thought I'd write a story about life in a 'yogurt culture'.

"One of my favorite things about this story is that both the religious 'Ganians' and the scientists are correct up to a point, but they've also both got a few things wrong. Many people see science and religion as opposing each other, but I've found that for me they complement each other well. Science helps me tell the difference between doctrine and 'religious culture', religion helps me tell the difference between round-earth and flat-earth science, and they both provide myriad insights into the truths that the other seeks and seeks to expound."

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